About Us

We are your friendly neighbours . Always feel welcomed to come to us for anything. Even if you just want to chat, our office doors are always open to you! Unless of course, if there is no one inside. In that case, our email inbox is open for you at engsci@g.skule.ca


Welcome to the Engineering Science community, and don’t be afraid: we are here for you and will do everything we can to make life awesome. Come on out to the Engineering Science Common Room and find us hanging around in the club office! Don’t be shy to come and say hi! Check us out on our website or Facebook groups (links are on this page somewhere), and come out to our events! Don’t worry, you will hear a lot from us this year!

The EngSci Life

All Engineering Science students are a part of EngSci Club, and our goal is to make your experience in EngSci the best that it can be! On the one hand, we represent and support you academically, communicating all your concerns and comments regarding courses, facilities, and academic resources to the appropriate parties to improve your learning experience. Meanwhile, we are also your student life coordinators, organizing games nights, dinner dances and talent shows, while keeping the common room stocked with pop, smash controllers, and foosball. Let’s go! Feel free to say hi to request anything you need, ask us about the program, or just start some late night real talks!

EngSci Club Constitution

Drop out of EngSci!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

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