About Us

The Team

Chair: Judy Shen
Vice Chair: Shuyi Wu
Vice President Communications: Rebekah Kim
Vice President Student Life: Kashish Verma
Vice President Finance: Alice Nuz
Vice President Academics: Deborah Raji
Engineering Science Board of Director: Apurv Bharadwaj
First year Reps: Joanna Zhang, Matthew Zhang
Second Year Rep: Charlie Yang
Third Year Rep: Jane Seo
Fourth Year Rep: Danny Zhang
Dinner Dance Director: Remo Reuben
Dinner Dance Movie Director: Rossdan Craig
Nocturne Director: Charlie Yang
Webmaster: Richard Chen

Who are we?

EngSci Club is one of the several engineering discipline clubs connecting Engineering Science students with the faculty and the rest of the Skule. Think of us as a mini student body, in-between EngSci students and the Engineering Society. Last updated October 18th, 2015. The team is composed of five executives, five class reps and the EngSci Board of Directors representative. Say hi to any one of us when you see us around. We promise we won't bite!

Where are we located?

Come find us in the Engineering Science Club office! It's located inside the Common Room, beside the television. Most of the execs can commonly be found in the Common Room throughout the day.

What do we do?

EngSci Club does a couple things to make your experience at EngSci just a little bit better. We run several events throughout the year, including:
  • The Annual Engineering Science Dinner Dance
  • Nocturne
  • The Engineering Science Coffee House
  • The Fall and Winter Book Smokers
  • Games and Movie Nights
We are also your point of contact between you and the Engineering Science division in terms of academic problems, taking part in deciding which projects the Academic Levy Fund goes towards. Lastly we provide various other services and utilities such as the pop machine in the Common Room, the microwaves, selling you EngSci t-shirts, patches and other merchandise.